Oct 4, 2015

Atlanta had a three-goal lead after two periods and cruised the rest of the way en route to an 8-0 win over Euless.

Atlanta put up an impenetrable defensive front on the penalty kill, and did not allow Euless to score on any of its five power plays. Atlanta's defense was surprisingly good. Atlanta averages 3.0 goals allowed per game. Euless was unable to stop Atlanta from sending pucks towards the net, and Atlanta eventually piled up 56 shots on goal.

Atlanta surpassed its usual scoring output this season. Atlanta has scored at the pace of 5.2 goals per game during the current campaign.17 goals in the last games! Atlanta got an offensive boost from its blueliners, who contributed two goals during the game.

Atlanta was led by Andrew Cooley, who finished with two goals and one assist. Cooley scored the first of his two goals at 6:33 into the first period to make the score 1-0 Atlanta. Dylan Wattles assisted on the tally. Cooley's next tally made the score 7-0 Atlanta with 4:03 left in the third period. Artus Laukaitis picked up the assist. Atlanta also got points from Laukaitis, who also had one goal and one assist and Ross Bartlett, who also registered one goal and one assist. Atlanta also had goals scored by Trey Opack, who had two and Philip Pugliese and Alex Johanson, who each put in one. More assists for Atlanta came via Kyle Rimbach, who had two and Riley HummitschBear RossSteve MacIverFrank Trazzera, and Colin OConnor, who each chipped in one.

Atlanta's defense shut down Euless' forwards for much of the game, and Euless got off only 10 shots during the contest. Atlanta has not given up a goal in the last two games.

Corey Boettcher recorded 10 saves for Atlanta. Atlanta incurred 10 minutes in penalty time with five minors. Euless' Mike Severson stopped 48 shots out of the 56 that he faced.

“The last two games were very impressive for our group, our staff was more impressed with the little things our guys did or continued to do regardless the score. We now have to just continue to keep looking forward, we have a lot more work ahead of us” said Head Coach Anthony Bohn.