The Capitals drop a tough one last night at Center Ice Arena. Nashvile got out to an early lead in the first but Atlanta answered when Ryan Dumond found the back of the net to end the period tied at 1-1. 

The second period was a different story as the pace and game opened up. Nashville netted 3 goals by Michael Redmon, Logan Orem and Colton Anderson. Atlanta battled back with goals by Artrus Laukaitis and Kyle Rimbach to end the second period with only seperating the two teams by two. 

Third period, Atlanta was pushing the pace and had thier chances to cut the lead down but bounces went the other way. Nashville netted two more in the third to end the game 6-3.   

Assistant Coach Vinny Bohn had this to say "It;s only our first game, we had some good moments and some teaching moments, we're fine! It's only game 1 of entire season, we will make our corrections and be back tomorrow looking forward."