Behind a great game by Alex Johanson, who had two goals and one assist, Atlanta defeated Sugar Land, 6-2.

Johanson found the back of the net 2:27 into the first period to make the score 1-0 Atlanta and again while on the power play 18:21 into the third to make the score 6-2 Atlanta.

Atlanta's penalty kill excelled, as Atlanta gave up one goal despite allowing six power plays.

Atlanta kept Sugar Land's goalie busy throughout the game, and Kevin Mackey made 32 saves on 38 shots.

Atlanta also got points from Jacob Roers, who also registered one goal and one assist. Artus Laukaitis also scored for Atlanta. In addition, Atlanta received assists from Kyle Rimbach, who had two, Colin OConnor, who had three, and Aleksi HoivalaRiley HummitschPhilip PuglieseEvan Camba, and Steve MacIver, who each chipped in one.

Sugar Land racked up the penalties in the contest, and ended with six minors and two majors for 52 minutes in penalty time. Sugar Land surpassed its season average of 25.0 penalty minutes per game.

Sugar Land was helped by Jonathan Adnell, who grabbed one goal. Adnell scored on the power play 10:14 into the first period to make the score 1-1. Sugar Land earned a power play opportunity when Camba was put in the box for hooking. Matt DeNure picked up the assist. Sugar Land also got a goal from Keegan Chesnick as well. More assists for Sugar Land came via RC Randall, who had one.

Corey Boettcher recorded 22 saves for Atlanta. Atlanta incurred 12 minutes in penalty time with six minors. For Sugar Land, Randall and Matt Cozzanwere ejected from the contest.  

“It’s nice to get another 2 points, but more importantly we are proud of how disciplined our team stayed this weekend. We now have to focus and move forward to our trip to Minnesota, we have 3 out of division games that are important” said Head Coach Anthony Bohn.