Letter From A Billet: Hosting a Hockey Player Was A Great Experience

Aug 19, 2014

Hosting a Hockey Player Was A Great Experience

There comes a time in life when we take a chance on an opportunity not knowing how it will work out, only to look back years later and know it was one of the greatest things we have ever experienced.

In 2012, my husband, Mike, and I were asked to billet (host) a Topeka RoadRunner hockey player. Mike had been volunteering as an off-ice official with the RoadRunners for a couple of years. During that time we had met some players who eventually felt like extended family. After giving billeting considerable thought, we decided to take a chance.

There were many considerations that went into the decision, but our top three were: we had a spare room in our house; we believed in the program; and we valued the importance of giving back to our community. This experience has allowed us to see the RoadRunners from a new perspective. We especially enjoyed learning about the players’ dreams on and off the ice, meeting their families and cheering them on at the games.

I can honestly say I have gained a family member for life when I talk about the player we hosted last year. He was traded during the season, but we remain close. We have traveled to watch him play on his new team, and he recently joined us in Indiana at our family reunion this summer. We are thankful for our experience and we would encourage others to billet, if they are willing and able. For us, the commitment lasted two years, but our memories and newfound relationships will last a lifetime. It was a chance taken we will never regret.