Arturas Laukaitis netted a hat trick to lead Atlanta over Nashville, 5-2.

Laukaitis got on the scoresheet 5:26 into the first period. He then added goals at 9:20 into the first and at 9:27 into the second.

Atlanta excelled on the penalty kill, not giving up a single goal in four chances. Atlanta's offense rang up 34 shots on Nashville's net.

Atlanta also got points from Kyle Rimbach, who also registered one goal and one assist. Jacob Roers also scored for Atlanta. Other players who recorded assists for Atlanta were Alex Johanson, who had two and Riley HummitschPhilip PuglieseSteve MacIverRoss Bartlett, and Colin OConnor, who contributed one each.

Nashville forced Atlanta goalie Aleksandr Zendejas to work between the pipes, taking 36 shots. Nashville's normally stingy defense allowed more goals than usual. Nashville averages 2.5 goals allowed per game.

Nashville was helped by Logan Orem, who racked up one goal. Orem scored 4:58 into the second period to make the score 2-2. Max Dorfman provided the assist. Nashville additionally got points from Dorfman, who also had one goal and one assist. In addition, Nashville received assists from Colton Anderson, who had one.

Zendejas rejected 34 shots on goal for Atlanta. Atlanta incurred 12 minutes in penalty time with six minors. Nashville's Ricky Gonzalez stopped 29 shots out of the 34 that he faced. Nashville incurred 12 minutes in penalty time with six minors.

“We played well and happy with our compete level tonight. We have a short turnaround playing at 3:00pm tomorrow, we have to refocus and be ready for another good effort” said Head Coach Anthony Bohn.